The Period Project

Last week a young lady asked if I could assist her by providing pads for her upcoming period. She said she’ll be starting in a few days and didn’t have any pads or money to buy them. I was ALARMED, meaning I felt as if my period was about to start at that very moment and ran to the store to grab some. While standing in line, I thought about what it might be like to have been in the situation and realized that NO ONE should have to. (PERIOD)

I AM asking all of our supporters to help out with the THE PERIOD PROJECT by donating to Bethany Outreach Center the physical items shown below and/or a financial contribution (using the “Donate” button on the Home page) that would allow me to purchase items monthly for young girls and women in our community that are in need. For more information, contact me, Mabel Howard, directly at 814-572-0985 or email: [email protected]