Have a Heart for Community Campaign

At this time, we are asking that you consider making a contribution in support of the programs and services that we offer FREE of charge to underprivileged children and families that live in Erie, Pennsylvania.  Although our focus is Erie’s lower eastside neighborhood, we keep the doors open to any family that is in need.  Our goal is to reach out to individuals who are in need of a hand up and to also provide them with encouragement/hope that is needed for life change.

Every contribution that we receive will be used toward our efforts to meet the ongoing needs that people suffer from due to the effects of poverty and hunger.  While making a decision as to which level of commitment you would like to have, please keep in mind that now is the time to show that you truly “Have A Heart for Community”.   Here’s your opportunity to be a part of the only family that some will ever know.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, and we do look forward to enhancing the lives of the community that we serve because of the value that you see in helping others!

Yours in a better community,

 Mabel Howard

Executive Director