Our Support Team

Executive Director and Founder of

The Bethany Outreach Center, Diane

Giannelli, retired in Mid August and

welcomes our New Executive

Director, Mabel Howard.


Members of the Board

Debra Galloway, Chair

James Reese, Vice Chair

Eric Hedlund, Secretary

Rev. William Coleman, Treasurer


Members at Large:

Marnie Brown

Carol Gleichsner

Sharon Kresse

Douglas M. Massey

Dan Roll

Edward Whitbred

And all of our Wonderful Volunteers who make it Happen!


Annual Luanne

Luanne May Churchhill serves as our part time Administrative Assistant.  Previous to her employment, she has been a volunteer at Bethany for over five years


    Barb Watkins has been on the Bethany Team for over         three years and serves as the Supervisor of the Clothes Closet for over twenty hours each week




Duane Worthley  Annual Duane 2015

Duane has served our Bethany team as a volunteer for twenty  hours each week and is our supervisor of The Food Pantry.