Our Support Team

Executive Director and Founder of

The Bethany Outreach Center,

Diane Giannelli,

retired in Mid August 2017

and welcomed our

New Executive Director,

Mabel Howard.


A commitment from the heart of our new Executive Director~ Mabel Howard

“I am grateful to have obtained a position that will allow me to utilize my various skills and expertise.  My acceptance of this position is my personal commitment to enhance the lives of under-served children and families that live in the lower east-side communities.  My personal vision is to help in restoring hope to every individual that comes through our doors by reminding them through acts of kindness that they not only have the ability to #doBetter, but also the world is a better place because of their presence in it.”  #EveryoneMatters


  Board of Directors

Debra Galloway, Chair

James Reese, Vice Chair

Eric Hedlund, Secretary

Rev. William Coleman, Treasurer


Members at Large:

Marnie Brown

Carol Gleichsner

Sharon Kresse

Douglas M. Massey

Dan Roll

Tim Ward

Edward Whitbred


Administrative Assistant

Luanne May Churchhill 

Annual Luanne

Previous to her employment at Bethany, Luanne was a volunteer at Bethany for over five years.


And all of our Wonderful Volunteers

who make it